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2016 Meetings

  • December 13, 2016

(Note the date! We are meeting the second Tuesday instead of the third, to accommodate everyone's busy holiday schedule!!!)

Family Addiction Network is hosting a movie night!
Join us for a screening of the film “The Anonymous People”, a ground breaking documentary on addiction and recovery. It features actress and author Kristen Johnson, Chris Herren, former NBA star, former Congressmen Patrick Kennedy and Jim Ramstad, and Tara Conner, Miss USA 2006 among many others. 

The film addresses the social stigma and discrimination associated with addiction and hopes to create a public movement that will transform public perception and the response to the addiction crisis forever. This is a very moving film, highly recommended!

As the movie runs about 90 minutes, we will begin promptly at 7:00 with a discussion/sharing session to follow. Of course there will be popcorn!

We hope you can join us for this very enlightening evening….

  • November 15, 2016

Coping with the Addict in Early Recovery

Presenter:  Shannon Hurly

For our November meeting we are pleased to have Shannon Hurly as our presenter.

Shannon has been in and out of treatment since she was 18 years old. Having been an i.v. heroin user and a chronic relapser, she is proud to say that she has been clean and sober since January 1, 2012! 

Shannon will address what she calls ”begging for mercy and screaming for justice”, how to deal with the irrational mind and emotions as well as the lack of awareness that we as family members experience when our loved one enters into treatment. Most of us have become all to familiar with the phone call from our loved one where they beg to come home or claim that they do not really need treatment, etc… That coupled with the tendency to exaggerate or over dramatize and lack of capacity to be rational about emotions are all part of the process into treatment and recovery. Shannon will share how to handle this without becoming a hostage to your own feelings or those of your loved one.

She studied at Kean and Monmouth University, and has worked in the field of addiction treatment for 20 years including in patient, out patient, residential care facilities, halfway houses, and much more. She currently specializes in mental health and women’s issues in early recovery.

  • October 18, 2016

Understanding Detox and Withdrawl

Guest Speaker:  Barbara A. Cashin, CSW, LCADC

We are proud to welcome Barbara A. Cashin, CSW, LCADC, Director of Program Development at Tranquil & Quest in Bradley Beach, NJ, a concierge sober living facility that is concurrent with a full 14 day detox protocol at Halcyon in Brick, NJ, all of which is covered by in network insurance.

She will be focusing her presentation on how to be prepared for your family member returning home, both physiology and emotionally. What you need to know and how to relate to your loved one after detox.

With 35 years of clinical, administrative, and community outreach experience in the field of treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, Ms. Cashin brings extensive knowledge and passion for addiction care to the community.

"My claim to fame is strong integrity, patient advocacy, and the encouragement of family care, which is critical to the healing process of this disease. I have a strong belief in collaboration with all those involved in the life of the addict, and in creating a strong after-care plan that ensures a client doesn't just 'get sober,' but stays sober."

Ms. Cashin has worked for several treatment facilities, including detox, rehabilitation, and outpatient centers for co-occurring disorders. In addition, Barbara has been the Director of Marketing for several companies. As an LCADC, she ran a private practice with Gateway Counseling, and has spoken at various schools and support groups about addiction treatment and recovery.

"If there's one thing that people say about me, it's that my passion is palpable."
Ms. Cashin extends this passion and enthusiasm to her interactions with the Tranquil & Quest residents, who she enjoys speaking to and motivating daily.

For information about Tranquil and Quest:

  • September 20, 2016

Heart vs. Mind:

From  Law Enforcement Perspective

This month we welcome Director of Public Safety of Neptune City Police Dept, Edward Kirschenbaum who will speak from his decades of law enforcement experience on the subject of detection, investigation, incarceration and treatment options. Director Kirschenbaum is part of a growing cross section of law enforcement that has an overriding concern for the addict.

Before being appointed to his current position with Neptune City, Mr. Kirschenbaum served as Chief of Detectives for Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office as well as Deputy Chief of Detectives, Law enforcement Coordinator for Emergency management, and Lieutenant in charge of Special Operations. Prior to this he was a Lieutenant in the Narcotics Strike Force and Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office Tactical Narcotics Team.

While working for Monmouth County, Director Kirschenbaum was involved investigating a wide spectrum of criminal conduct and was given numerous special assignments, such as the Asbury Park Police Departments Street Crimes Unit, the Monmouth County Narcotics Strike Force and supervising the Monmouth County Narcotic Strike Force Tactical Narcotics Team. His narcotics and tactical experience is extensive; he has performed in an undercover capacity, supervised undercover operatives, conducted electronic surveillance and interceptions and supervised the handling of all related reports and evidence.

Director Kirschenbaum also serves as a mentor for people with addiction to find treatment and maintain sobriety. He was recently appointed to the board of trustees of New Hope Foundation. We are honored to have him as a speaker and very interested in the wisdom that he brings to the table.

  • August 16, 2016

Opiod Overdose Recovery Program

This month’s presenters are Jenna Reidy and Chris Brennan, Recovery Specialists with the Opioid Overdose Recovery Program.

When an overdose occurs, whether heroin or prescription pain medication, first responders often use naloxone (Narcan), a life-saving nasal spray that counters the effects of opioids and reverses an overdose. While naloxone is saving lives, many reversed survivors are trapped in a cycle of repeated drug use and may not receive the necessary treatment and recovery support services. 

To address this health care crisis Barnabas Health Institute for Prevention (IFP) has launched the Opioid Overdose Recovery Program (OORP) along with law enforcement, RWJ Barnabas Healthcare System and MeridianHealth. The two-year pilot program – the first of its kind in the nation - links individuals who were reversed from an opioid overdose and admitted to select emergency departments in both counties, to recovery support services and substance use disorder treatment.

Jenna Reidy and Chris Brennan are two of OORP's Recovery Specialists who are trained and certified as recovery coaches and are deployed to area hospitals upon notification of patients reversed with Narcan. They will share their personal stories of how they came to be recovery specialists, as well as sharing with us how this program works.

  • July 19, 2016

After Care

CFC Loud and Clear
This month’s presenter is Lynn Regan, Executive Director and Founder of CFC Loud N Clear which was founded by Lynn and her son in 2012, as their family was healing from the corrosive effects of addiction. She gained the determination to ease the struggle of any family that would follow, as well as to educate families to not fall into the same pitfalls that might have been avoided. 

Lynn is honored to share her family’s journey through addiction into long term recovery. She will discuss with us the pitfalls in the traditional system of care that are evident and stifling and will share with us about the changes that her organization advocates towards. She will also discuss with us the “gaps” that CFC Loud N Clear spearheads and the importance of aftercare programs in our communities.

Lynn is a CCAR Instructor to Recovery Coaches, Recovery Coach, CIT, Presenter and Advocate, Educator, Mother of 4 children and married for 27 years.

CFC Loud N Clear are Proud Members of:
Mental Health Association of NJ Honored 6/16
Howell Township Alliance 
Howell Chamber of Commerce 
EMACC Chamber 
Prevention Coalition of Monmouth County 
Ocean County Opiate Task Force 
D.A.R.T St.Barnabas Medical Center

  • June 21, 2016

Managing Fear

When Your Loved One Returns From Treatment

Addiction is a primary mental health disorder and, like other mental health disorders, can take a toll on family members surrounded by it. This presentation will touch on how to manage the fears that arise when a family member returns from in-patient treatment. Concerns about relapse, aggressive behavior, life threatening drug use, manipulation and theft, to name a few, can lead to sleepless nights, panic attacks, decline in physical health and other symptoms. Managing these feelings is essential for family members to free themselves from the bonds addiction has on them as well as helping to create a healthier environment for you and your loved one.David will share different strategies for self-care with a focus on mindfulness meditation including a guided practice that can be used long after this evening, whether or not your loved one has gone away for treatment.

David Dolan, our presenter, is a mental health and substance abuse counselor, an avid mindfulness practitioner and teacher, Reiki master, shamanic healer, and an active member of the long term recovery community. He has his Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling, with a specialty in substance abuse counseling from Monmouth University.

His personal journey includes struggling for many years with severe prescription drug and heroin addiction, before finding recovery at age 25 through treatment, 12-Step Recovery, and meditation. He works as a counselor at Extra Care Counseling Center in Old Bridge, New Jersey, as well as having his own practice, Mindful Living Counseling and Wellness Services, for counseling, Reiki, shamanic healing, and mindfulness meditation instruction. His personal passions include surfing, rock climbing, traveling and spiritual practice and growth.

  • May 17, 2016

Home Service Drug Dog

Law Enforcement Aren't the Only Ones Who Can Call a K-9


We are thrilled to have Lou Krupkin and Cabo to present for our May 17th meeting. Together, they offer a K9 sniffing service that offers families immediate notification if there is a potential problem in your home. This service is completely discreet and confidential. 

Mr. Krupkin will share how narcotics detection K-9s are selected, trained and work. In particular, focus will be on how these talented and dedicated K-9s work in the private sector for an anonymous service that is designed to help families, schools, business and rehab centers be safe and hopefully drug free. As a security professional who had the opportunity to team up with an elite K-9 unit during special operations when serving in the IDF, Lou decided to become a certified K-9 handler 3 years ago, dedicating that service to help individuals, families and organizations maintain a drug free environment. He has worked with and continues to work in the area of security including counter terrorism, security consulting, and protective services for individuals, companies, organizations and events including responsibility of security for thousands of participants. Mr. Krupkin is certified as a Police K9 Handler, although working in the private sector. As a part of the presentation, there will be a brief demonstration.

Whether you are looking to rule out or confirm the presence of narcotics in your home or business, this presentation is not to be missed!

For further info or to schedule an appointment or demo, please contact: or call 732-660-1611

  • April 19, 2016

Resentment and Forgiveness

Part of the Healing Process


Our presenter this month will be Jenna Romano, LCSW, LCADC


Jenna will share how to identify and safely express emotions such as anger, frustration and hurt in a more effective way. She will also cover how to practice self-care and identify personal needs and boundaries.


Jenna received her Masters Degree in Social Work from Monmouth University in 2009. She has worked in various settings including in home, office based, correctional facilities & outpatient programs.  She encourages and provides therapy to loved ones whose lives have been affected by addiction.  Her belief that addiction puts a strain on various aspects of life led her to utilize a holistic perspective in treating addiction.  The challenges and stresses of addiction on the family usually cause the individuals to operate in “crisis mode” to maintain the stability of the family and their loved one’s addiction.  Having an outlet, learning self-care, healthy boundaries and education can be very powerful in combatting the stress of secondhand addiction.


Jenna has a private practice in Oakhurst, NJ and also teaches and consults at Monmouth University.  For more info:

  • March 15, 2016

Enabling the Enabler:  

How to set boundaries,find and accept peace and joy in their own life,and develop normalcy amongst the chaos


Jackie Adams, MA, LPC, LMHC, NBC, is a National Certified counselor with a Masters Degree in community mental health counseling. Her clinical experience includes working for Southwest Florida Addiction Services in residential and outpatient treatment programs, as clinical supervisor for a methadone clinic as well as owning and maintaining her private practice.
She has worked with individuals from all walks of life including nurses, physicians, pilots in recovery and federal prisoners.

She is the regular facilitator of Family Addiction Network’s confidential group sharing sessions and we are honored to have her as a presenter this month. We hope you can join us, as this promises to be an informative and helpful presentation for anyone coping with a friend or family member in the grips of addiction.


  • February 16, 2016



Our special guest for this month is a young woman who is in sustained recovery for 2 years. She will share her experiences, from her perspective, including what helped her and what did not help her while using, during treatment and since. She will share her reasons for stopping and how she has been able to stay clean as well as her experience at rehab and with other addicts she met while there. There will be time for questions, so this will be a great opportunity to gain some perspective from the mind of a young person in recovery. We hope to see you there!


  • January 19, 2016


Presenter:  JSAS Healthcare

A free training and education on how to administer Narcan® (naloxone) to reverse a heroin/opioid overdose will be provided at our January 19th meeting.


All eligible participants will receive a FREE Narcan® kit and a treatment voucher for 30 days of free substance abuse treatment to use or distribute to any person that needs medication-assisted treatment.  In addition, education will be provided on how to administer Narcan® (naloxone) to reverse a heroin/opioid overdose.  


This training will be limited to 25 participants on a “first-come, first-served” basis and will be approximately 40 minutes.


The evening will include:

  • Addiction education and treatment options

  • Overdose prevention techniques

  • Signs and symptoms of overdose

  • Steps to take when an overdose occurs

  • Rescue breathing

  • How to administer naloxone

  • Self-help, family support and other important resource information


The Overdose Prevention Act now allows doctors the ability to prescribe the opiate antidote Narcan ® (naloxone) to those in a position to help someone else during an overdose of heroin or other opioids.  The law also eliminates civil and criminal liability to anyone who administers naloxone.


The Opioid Overdose Prevention Project is made possible by funding received from the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services, the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and JSAS HealthCare, Inc. in collaboration with Barnabas Health, Institute for Prevention.


For more overdose prevention trainings and resources you can also visit the Division of Mental Health and Addiction at or


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