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Due to concerns having arisen because of the COVID pandemic, if meetings are held
they will be done remotely, via ZOOM.
Opinions of presenters do not necessarily reflect those of the Family Addiction Network.
PLEASE NOTE:  For information on past meetings, please go to the Past Meetings page.

Current Meetings 2022

December 20th 7:00 - 8:30pm
West Long Branch Community Center (in person)
In the Gene Van Brunt Room

Join us for a little Holiday Cheer and a presentation on the topic of Boundaries!

This time of year can be very challenging, balancing all the holiday festivities, maintaining healthy boundaries and making sure to exercise some self-care.

When it comes to psychological well being, having boundaries is essential. They provide us with a sense of safety, and confidence. Without them we can easily become overwhelmed by the demands of others and lose sight of what is important to us. Boundaries give us the space we need to process our thoughts and feelings and make sure we are not being taken advantage of by others. By setting strong boundaries, we can protect our energy, take better care of ourselves and be more present for our family.

Susan Marco will guide us through an experiential process to better understand how we can manage our existing boundaries, or how we can create new ones! You will want to attend this one!!!

This meeting is open to all!! Hope to see you there!


November 15th 7:00 - 8:30pm
West Long Branch Community Center (in person)
In the Gene Van Brunt Room

Jessica Dressler – From Trauma to Triumph

Our presenter this month is an amazing woman who grew up the child of addiction and mental illness. She began using alcohol at age 11 and at 22 escalated to other substances.  She continued on this path until age 31, when she reached sobriety only to relapse 4 years later. She became sober again in 2018, and by sharing her experience aims to help other individuals and families navigate through the terrain of addiction.  Her desire is to assist with minimizing other people’s suffering while sustaining her own recovery!

Jessica is a Recovery Specialist as well as a Real Estate Agent with an Associates Degree in Health Sciences.  She is continuing her education while raising her 5 children!!


October 18th 7:00 - 8:30pm
West Long Branch Community Center (in person)
In the Gene Van Brunt Room

This month we will dedicate our meeting for sharing!  Bring your troubles and worries and be met at the door with compassion, empathy and respect.

Feel free to bring a friend or a family member!

Whether this is your first time or you have been there many times, or somewhere in between, it is a safe space to unwind and relax a bit. Hope to see you there!


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